Billionaire Investors Warren Buffett, John Paulson, And George Soros Quietly Dump U.S. Stocks. Why?

Despite recent reports that the housing crisis is leveling off, unemployment is stabilizing, and the market has rallied a historic 6.5% in the past few months, a few savvy billionaires are quietly moving their money out of U.S. stocks . . . and fast! Billionaire investors know what they’re doing […]

Will History Repeat Itself? Examining the Devastating Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the Economic Indicators of 2013

The end of World War 1 brought a new era into the United States; an era of enthusiasm, optimism, and confidence. This was a time when the industrial revolution was in full swing and new inventions, such as radio and airplanes, made anything seem possible. Capitalism was the economic model […]

Life Settlements, An Alternative Asset Class

   After years of having worked in the financial service sector working with major brokerages, truth be told, I was never introduced to an alternative asset class know as Life Settlements. It’s an asset class that has been around for many years, but primarily incorporated into major banks, insurance companies and […]